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Powerful Collaborations


The first food-related company we invested in operated more than 20 restaurants across three different themes located in major cities worldwide.  Their founding team presented a "management encore" opportunity by repeating the success formula they developed previously at another successful them restaurant group.  We led a syndicate of structured equity financing to fund the expansion of 12 new units, and the group went public 2 years later at a valuation of more than $1.0 billion.

Momentum Towards IPO

Theme Restaurant Group


We backed a talented team of operators with a strategy of purchasing small groups of convenience stores and integrating them across a larger region for better efficiencies.  In addition to gasoline sales, all locations sold fresh and packaged food and beverages, and it was the new purchasing and sales mix on these items which doubled profitability as we grew from 12 to 800 locations in two years.

Regional Rollup

Convenience Store Group


We advised a large, international, family company on purchasing and restarting a private label food manufacturer, and directed the operations until it reached viable capacity.  Our involvement ranged from facility renovation and refitting and purchasing most machinery and equipment, to preparing proposals and fulfilling specifications for successful approval of state financing for special enterprise zones.

Operating and Advising a Successful Restart

Private Label Food Manufacturer

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